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Debbie Sharp Loeb, teacher by training but full-time mom to a disabled son, craftsperson, bead artist, great cook, creative homemaker & terrific spotter of cool new products for everything under the sun, presents Hodgepodge: recipes, household hints, stories about children, friends & relatives, cool stuff, music, & much more.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Makes Geranium Farmers Happy (Part 3)

(from the Internet Readers)

- A good book and a quiet afternoon to read it. Jo Wright Vinita OK

- My husband is from a family of 16 kids and they were very poor. Most of their family pictures were destroyed in a fire and it has made me so happy to search out and find many old pictures of them through the years and during this process to find many of my own heritage pics that I never knew existed. It has been a joy. JM

- Singing folk songs with others
Long, relaxing talks with old friends
Seeing my granddaughter Emma well enough to run and climb
Ann Scott

- These are some of the things that make me happy:
The sweet smell of the summer earth after a rain.
Singing "Hyfrydol" during a church service.
Taking my dog for a walk in the neigborhood.
Having a visit with an old friend.
Sharing theological thoughts and concepts with others.
Seeing the first buds on flowering plants.
A no problems report from my dentist after my semi-annual visit.
Taking time to really listen to my grandchildren.
and much, much, more

- Being with my children and grandchildren.
Being in Church and being with my 2nd family.

- My favorite happy quote for my husband and three sons --

-"The happiest happy I'm happy, is the happy, I'm happy when you're happy."
Jo Dahlberg from Montana

-The smell of flowers in the summer garden always makes me happy beyond words. Fran

-the aroma of breakfast cooking (especially bacon)

-What makes me happy-my ministry with the elderly; spending an evening with good friends; seeing a newborn baby; watching the eyes of a child receive. Communion for the first time; going to the mountains, and eating the first tomato still warm from the sun.

- The early morning sky, birds on the feeder, the dog at my feet and opening the day with prayer reminds me of my many blessings and makes me happy.
Being with my family overwhelms me with emotion and makes me very happy.
Thanks for the chance to reflect on God's many riches.

- When I was young Waking up beside my husband and being able to thank God for this Godly man. You have to know my history to understand how wonderful this is.. Sandra Greer.

- The realization that my parents live on in me! ( The older I get, the truer this appears!) Adelaide Kent

- The laughter of my 8 grandchildren!!!!! Gail

-Sitting on the porch steps on a summer night – feeling the breeze, listening to the leaves rustle, cradled in the sounds of thousands of small, hidden creatures singing a hymn to the Creator

-Was reading bits of Wordsworth this morning and these phrases leapt up as working for almost anyone’s happiness list—
“The instinct of tenderness developing the understanding”
“Authentic tidings of invisible things”
I would add, with a little inspiration from the above(and trying to avoid the usual favorites that are always true and always extolled (family, home, romance, God, nature, health))-- Tender, direct, honest, authentic communication between loving humans. Justice delivered, greatly tempered by mercy, and resulting in restitution and reconciliation. Being able to accomplish and reap the benefits of engaging and challenging (but not over-challenging) work. The energy of joyous love and friendship between people who know themselves as equals(which should mean any two Christians, many other people of faith, plus any secularists with a sense of reality.) Discovering benevolent new, interesting things, people, creatures and places which leads to the discovery of benevolent, new, interesting, … which leads to the discovery of … … … True glimpses of reality Kay L. Wisniewski

- Hugs from my grandsons. Michalyn Palmer Jacksonville, FL

-So many have said almost everything I wanted to say in one way or another, but
Istill would like to add:
Seeing a smile on my son Andrew's face.
Being an animal rescue league volunteer when an animal finds that forever wonderful home.
Or seeing the light in a rescued dogs' eyes when she knows that she is finally safe.
The sound of the waves on a hot sunny beach, under an umbrella, reading
a wonderful mystery.
Dark chocolate
Reading in bed late at night with my Dearest asleep next to me and my
two dogs curled up on my feet.

-I would like to add to the very eloquent list:
The smell of a new baby after the first bath and every bath thereafter.
The sound of a grandchild saying Grandma for the first time.
Rain drops on the window panes.
Seeing the beauty of the rainbow.
The sound of the doctor's voice stating, "Your cancer is in remission".
The smell of cookies hot from the oven.
Janice Larson

-Friends that make my heart sing.
Reading aloud the lessons in church.
My children and grandchildren.
Angel hugs ^j^,
Barbi Haigh

- The sound of the first pouring of a bottle of wine – there is a certain unique “glug” which cannot be recaptured after the first pouring. That sound signals a few quiet minutes with my husband and reminds me of the peace that surrounds me (even with two high-maintenance kids!).
The sound of my daughter’s laugh and my son’s unbridled smile.
A handful of M&M’s.
A place to put my feet up.
Rain and the flowers that follow.
Reminders of God’s presence in my life.
Debbie’s e-mails. (Thanks!)
(and, thanks for asking! I will probably be thinking of things to add all day…and isn’t that the point really? Blessings on you!)

- hugging my grandchildren after a long absence
+seeing things I planted thrive
+spending time in really meaty discussions with intelligent, thoughtful adults in my parish
+sitting quietly with my husband on our deck as the sun sets
+sitting down at the table filled with my family and realizing I’ve actually got the whole meal and all the people together!
+putting the finishing touches on the Christmas Tree and realizing God has given us another year to celebrate the Nativity together.
OK – that’s probably more than my allotment
Louise Bower

(You can still send them in and I'll add them to the bottom but I leave for Italy on Thursday so they won't show up until I get back.)



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