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Hodgepodge from The Geranium Farm

Debbie Sharp Loeb, teacher by training but full-time mom to a disabled son, craftsperson, bead artist, great cook, creative homemaker & terrific spotter of cool new products for everything under the sun, presents Hodgepodge: recipes, household hints, stories about children, friends & relatives, cool stuff, music, & much more.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

Wow, this stuff really works! This from a person who can probably count on my fingers the amount of times I've ever professionally gotten my nails done. One, because inevitability before I can even get home I'll manage to nick at least one nail, and two, I'm cheap. I'd rather spend the money on something else. Something more lasting, like more fabric for the next quilt I'll make. : ) So the next time I do do my nails, or even splurge to have them done, at least now . . . they'll have a fighting chance! (and yes, I have nicked that quick-dry nail polish.)



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