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Hodgepodge from The Geranium Farm

Debbie Sharp Loeb, teacher by training but full-time mom to a disabled son, craftsperson, bead artist, great cook, creative homemaker & terrific spotter of cool new products for everything under the sun, presents Hodgepodge: recipes, household hints, stories about children, friends & relatives, cool stuff, music, & much more.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Time Management

To go along with yesterday's cartoon, Hodgepodge reader Mary from Virginia sends along the link to Doctor Randy Pausch's, (the Carnegie-Mellon professor who is dying of pancreatic cancer) lecture on Time Management. He tells readers on his website that THIS LECTURE -- not the widely viewed "Last Lecture" -- is the one of which he is the most proud; it is also the lecture he had always personally hoped would be the one for which he would be most remembered. To view it go to:

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