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Debbie Sharp Loeb, teacher by training but full-time mom to a disabled son, craftsperson, bead artist, great cook, creative homemaker & terrific spotter of cool new products for everything under the sun, presents Hodgepodge: recipes, household hints, stories about children, friends & relatives, cool stuff, music, & much more.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Bless your pointy little head!

These photos were sent in by Geranium Farm Reader Karen M. Johnson and she says:
"I'm forwarding the ones that my sister-in-law sent several moons ago and I somehow sent them off into cyberspace or something. I so loved those photos that I asked her to try to find them and re-send. The one that you spoke of is very nice because the birds are surrounded by lovely plants and trees. However, those that I'm enclosing here are much more fun.....those beautiful birds look so scruffy after their baths but the color is still wonderful, isn't it? Golly, they look a whole lot better than I when I've just crawled out of the shower!!!!! I do like the last one where you can see water droplets.
The pink and grey birds are Galahs and they, too, come often to eat, drink, and bathe. Apparently, their behavior is very comical and my brother and sister-in-law love watching them. When very young, like most other species, they are somewhat less than graceful in their flight, etc. I'm told the little ones misjudge their speed, come flying up to the feeders, clasp a wire and find themselves upside down with a very surprised look on their little faces as if to say "Crikeys!! How did I get here?"
I only sent these for others' enjoyment after Barbara spoke of the African birds which were so colorful. Can you just imagine whole trees full of these birds? As Barbara said and I concur, "I don't think my heart could stand it." Please do as you like with these. I love sharing them. And as an old boss used to say, Bless your pointy little head! "

Thanks for passing these along Karen.


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