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Hodgepodge from The Geranium Farm

Debbie Sharp Loeb, teacher by training but full-time mom to a disabled son, craftsperson, bead artist, great cook, creative homemaker & terrific spotter of cool new products for everything under the sun, presents Hodgepodge: recipes, household hints, stories about children, friends & relatives, cool stuff, music, & much more.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

A Delicate Subject

There is a product that I just recently saw on TV called "Just a Drop" that is to supposed create a deodorizing layer on the water surface in the toilet to neutralize odors instantly. I can not attest to it working but I looked it up on the internet and found that just the little bottle it comes in sells for $7-$9 plus shipping and handling! What I think may work perhaps just as well is "Odoban" which you should be able to find in most stores and is a lot cheaper.
'Nuff Said!


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